‘Period Piece PSAs’ features a 60-second film titled ‘The Red Plague’ Against Period Poverty & Hygiene

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Period poverty refers to the lack of access to sanitary products and hygiene facilities to manage menstruation.

Period Piece PSAs busts myth around period poverty through The Red Plague. Creative agency,  TBWA/Chiat/Day LA partnered with a non-profit organisation, Period and released a campaign on ‘Period Piece PSAs’ to bust the myth that period poverty is old fashioned, and it is like living in the old ages. It features a 60-second film titled ‘The Red Plague’ and consists of historical characters, activists, influencers and comedians who highlight that, it is 2021 and period poverty should be a thing of the past. This is as per a report by the Economic Times.

The film has been conceptualised via the agency’s in-house operation. It opens with a lady telling a man that her cousin has been struck with red plague and how she has fallen on hard times and cannot afford even a menstrual linen. The film explores how nobody dares to highlight such a pertinent issue. It is here, the lady adds that, a lot of shaming is attached which does not allow them to raise their voice against this problem. The film adds that, it should not be named for if it was done, we might have to discuss poverty around it and solve it. Last Saturday, Period Action Day took place and with the support of Period (which seeks to eradicate period poverty), Gov. Gavin Newson signed a bill where California public schools and colleges would be required to provide restrooms and provide free menstrual products.

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