Zomato’s Latest Campaign Makes A Hardcore Non-vegetarian Try Navratri Vrat Food

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Source: Business Today

It’s that time of the year again when the people celebrating Navratri are put to test – not eating non-vegetarian food, or indulging in any other vices. What happens when a hardcore non-vegetarian tries Navratri food for the first time? This is as per a report by Afaqs.

For context, during Navratri, certain types of food are restricted and tradition encourages people to eat fruits, milk and milk products, fruit juice, kheer, and grains like rajgira, sago, bhagar and singhara, instead.

Zomato’s marketing manager Sahiba Bali has starred in videos for the leading food delivery platform in the past. 

This latest video also features Bali, who is learning Garba dance moves, and content creator and influencer Viraj Ghelani joking about how Navratri is the Gujarati Tinder, as people sometimes also get married during this time. Some of the dishes that Bali samples include sabudana khichdi, rajgira ki roti, farali chivda, and jalebis.

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