Wunderman Thompson Kolkata’s New Film Series For Exide The Battery Maker

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The Exide Sunday series of films by Wunderman Thompson were released in mid-January 2023 across digital & social media.
Exide Sunday: The Home film

Wunderman Thompson Kolkata’s films for Exide Sunday, a recent offering from Exide Industries Ltd. brings to life how easily people can switch to a  sustainable way of living and make every day as easy & tension free as Sundays.  

The execution is very beautifully executed  through three real life situations & light hearted humour to make the film memorable.  The fourth film is set in a family context where the audio track adds to the whole humour  angle. It demonstrates various stages that one goes through while adopting solar and  how consumers can do it araam se .. with a smooth yet sticky tune making this refrain  stand out. The campaign will be anchored in the digital space and will be extended on  ground through events and executions. 
Exide Sunday: The School film

“We at WT Kolkata are thrilled to partner with Exide Industries to launch Exide Sunday.  We are sure that this memorable campaign will be a wonderful launch pad for Exide  Sunday,” commented Vijay Jacob, SVP and managing partner, Wunderman Thompson  Kolkata.  
Exide Sunday: Office Film

Arjun Mukherjee, VP & senior ECD, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, further added  about this campaign, “When a solar solution provider has an interesting name like ‘Exide  Sunday’, we made sure to play up the branding with a series of fun, easy films that drive  in the ‘every day becomes a Sunday’ feeling along with the promise of a hassle free  experience. The idea was to make the branding stick and the concept stick out.” 

Directed by Vibhu Puri, The Exide Sunday series of films by Wunderman Thompson were  released in mid-January 2023 across digital & social media. 

Exide Sunday: Aaraam Se

Source: Afaqs

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