With The Help of AR, Tanishq Kiosks Let Travellers At The Airport Try On Jewellery,Virtually

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Tanishq, has taken one step further to be more accessible to its customers by launching into the Augmented Reality experience at the Bangalore and Delhi airports. For the first time in India, a jewellery brand is doing an Augmented Reality/hybrid reality (combination of physical space Augmented reality) campaign at an airport to engage with a large audience at a completely new level. Tanishq is leaving no stone unturned to keep their customers happy by adopting innovative ways to display their product range. With this technological advancement, customers will have the option of ‘Try and Buy’; trying out the jewellery virtually looking at the AR screen. Customers can benefit from this advanced jewellery experience for a month.

Tanishq is implementing MirrAR, an Augmented Reality software platform in collaboration with StyleDotMe, a startup focused on the innovative application of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for providing the next generation experience to consumers who are interested in the Gems and Jewellery industry. Using the platform users can virtually try on the jewellery in real time, without actually having to wear them.

Source: Retail Jeweller India


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