Tanishq Honours Women Celebrating Their #PehliDiwali Multiple Times

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Tanishq has rolled out a campaign titled ‘Pehli Diwali’ (first Diwali) to pay tribute to every Indian woman celebrating her firsts, along the journey of reinventing herself. 

Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, the series of festive films encapsulate some of the joyous occasions in a woman’s personal and professional growth journey that calls for celebration. 

The first film features a woman entrepreneur celebrating Diwali for the first time at her new office with family and friends. It ends with a mischievous banter with her husband, who compliments her dedication and her infectious energy as they rejoice in their special moments together. 

The second film showcases the life of a woman lieutenant in the Indian Air Force celebrating her first Diwali away from home. The lieutenant gets a message from her mother to encourage her to celebrate her first Diwali with her Air Force family.

The third film opens with a single mother and her daughter getting ready for Diwali by putting on jewellery. The mother explains that this year will be her third Pehli Diwali. The mother shares that her first one was after her marriage, the second when she became a single parent, while the third will be when she goes on a bike trip with her daughter. 

Arun Narayan, vice president-category, marketing and retail, Tanishq, Titan Company, said, “Pehli Diwali holds a very special significance in our country where families celebrate the first Diwali after a wedding or post welcoming a child. Our festive campaign is an insightful take on this tradition, seeking to celebrate and commemorate the many new journeys that women have begun in recent times. These journeys, whether small or big, are special as they hold a deeper personal meaning. We are therefore happy to wish every woman on the occasion of the Pehli Diwali of all her new beginnings.”

Sagar Kapoor, chief creative officer- Lowe Lintas, said, “Diwali has always been a carrier of life stages in an individual’s journey. In this context, Pehli Diwali has a huge significance which is followed by a life-changing decision. We wanted to capture those emotional milestones of Pehli Diwali across different age groups, keeping them real and relatable. The idea was to break away from the usual Diwali advertising that celebrates the festival at a surface level.”

Source: Campaign India

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