Social Throwback 2021: A Year Of Content Democratization & Encouraging Purchase Intent For Pinterest

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Through 2021, Pinterest upped its e-commerce game by giving creators, merchants and users more reasons to strengthen the shopping experience on the platform, making good use of the purchase intent showed by its consumers.

When looking for ideas, a person is likely to make their way into the world of Pinterest. The browsing is often not just a leisure activity but done with serious purchase intent. People are seeking something. Building on this purchase intent, Pinterest spent a good chunk of 2021, making it easier for people to shop on the platform. The platform is trying to decrease the steps one takes between wanting something and having it. It’s incentivizing creators and merchants to sell on the platform, making the most of impulse buying.

Creators Rewards

Available to users in the US, Creator Rewards is an initiative by Pinterest to incentivize content creation and engagement on the platform. It helps creators manage their presence on Pinterest with tools, tips, and insights. As a part of the program, the platform is also providing micro-grants to facilitate creators into bringing their passion projects to life. Users will also have an option to take up an engagement-based goal (based on trending topics or new Idea Pin features) and get paid for meeting the goal requirement.

Shopping Made Easier

Shopping List
Shop from pins

This year, Pinterest focussed on improving the discoverability of products for merchants and improving the shopping experience for users on the platform. It launched features like Shopping List, Shop from search, Shop with Lens, Shop from Pins, Product Pins, Shopping Spotlights and, Shop from Boards. With these steps, the platform is trying to make it easier for users to shop directly on the platform instead of going to another website/platform.

Content Claiming Portal

Earlier this year, Pinterest launched a Content Claiming Portal to make it easier for creators to claim their content on the platform. Creators can use this tool (after an application process) to upload original content and select enforcement options. It would give them better control of how their content would appear on the platform. They can choose from options including Mine Only, Website Only and Block All. Pinterest aims to tweak the portal to make it more creator-friendly.

Monetization Avenues

This year, Pinterest granted its creators the ability to make their Idea Pins shoppable. They can now tag Product Pins, engage in paid partnerships, and earn commission through affiliate links — to make their Idea Pins shoppable. The option aims to help streamline the shopping experience, from seeing a pin to buying the product in it.

Partnership with Shopify

The Pinterest-Shopify partnership was expanded to 27 more countries this year. These include the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Australia. It will cater to the growing demand in online shopping, streamline product availability for global consumers and boost social commerce. The partnership will make it easier for Shopify merchants to turn their products into shoppable Product Pins, adding to the discoverability on the platform.

Pinterest 2021

Here’s a quick look at the key updates by Pinterest this year:

Vochi is acquired to bring more video creation tools for creators

Source: Google Play

MRC accredits Pinterest for display Pin impressions and display Pin clicks

New products and features: Watch Tab, Takes and Creators Rewards

Source: Dooley Social Studio

Pinterest offers training and ad credit to unPinterest offers training and ad credit to underrepresented communities

Monetization and brand partnership opportunities introduced for creators

Platform bans all ads related to weight loss

Pinterest improves brand safety with TAG certification

New shopping features are launched

Ideas Pin introduced globally with more creative features

Pinterest attempts to simplity Ads manager for users

Mental Health Awareness initiatives are announced

Partnership with Shopify is expanded to 27 new countries

Content Claiming Portal is introduced for Creators

Creator Code is launched

Skin-tone range is launched for searches in India

Source: Mobile Marketing

Interests, new iOS widget, is introduced

Pinterest introduces Story Pins Following Streams

Source: Kapwing

AR try-on is introduced for eye shadow

Source: Allure

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