Smallcase’s New Campaign is About Helping Investors Cash In Profits Through Stock Aces

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Smallcase has rolled out a campaign #smallcased to encourage its consumers to invest in business portfolios through experts. 

Conceptualised by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna and Puneet Chadha, the films showcase role-reversal between kids and adults as a device to land benefits of research-backed investing with smallcase. 

The first film showcases a boy having a tiff with another boy’s father. The furious boy tells him to stay away from influencing his father’s investment stocks. The accused son then goes and confronts his father and realises that the claims made were true. He then tells the other boy to forgive him as he doesn’t know the difference between good and bad stocks. The boy who created a scene at the start of the film tells the other boy to download uppercase in his father’s phone to understand the stock market better. 

The second film showcases a protagonist confronting a father and Chintuji (a small boy) at an investment report card meeting. The protagonist conducting the meeting tells the son that this year too his father’s portfolio performance is unsatisfactory. Trying to reason with his son, the father says that every investor is in the same sinking boat. The son tells the man conducting the meeting that this is the result of his father being addicted to day trading all the time. The film ends by highlighting how smallcase can help an investor with picking an optimal stock.

Aniket Thakkar, vice president – marketing, smallcase, said, “Beginning of a new calendar year is a time for resolutions, and we wanted to put forth smallcase in front of people looking to get better with their investments this year. smallcase is a perfect fit for new investors looking to get into stock investing, but lack the necessary expertise. We are very happy with the way the creative films have turned out. Right from the first draft of the script to the last detail added to the production table, everything clicked right away with these films. We hope our users and audiences will appreciate the humour and the underlying message.”

Chadha said, “Financial behaviour is one aspect where most adults still haven’t grown up. We still repeat the same childish mistakes every year. To portray the same, we used the creative device of role reversal and offer smallcase as the solution. smallcase is one of the few brands which gives us a lot of freedom to explore creativity and humour in their brand films and that shows in the final creatives. Very happy with how they have turned out.” 

 The films went live during the second season of Shark Tank India which is co-powered by smallcase. 

Source: Campaign India

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