Provocative Virtual Museum Chronicles A Woman’s ‘first time’ Experience Of Domestic Violence

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The ‘Museum of First Time’, an online experience built by the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation and Wunderman Thompson Thailand, takes visitors through a true story of domestic violence. According to the foundation, 100% of those seeking its counseling for domestic abuse are victims of repeated violence. Therefore the museum focuses on making the point that ‘Once is enough’. If there’s a ‘first time’, there’s likely to be a second time, and a third time, and so on—often with the level of violence increasing. Exploring the virtual museum, visitors meet a woman referred to as ‘Air’. By clicking on objects they find as they travel from room to room, visitors learn how she met her abuser and how the relationship started off pleasantly enough.

But soon things take a darker turn, and visitors learn about a series of acts of escalating violence, followed by pleas for forgiveness. The journey ends with a video of Air explaining that she wishes she had left the man after the first time.

Source: Campaign Asia 

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