POSB Bank Aims To Teach Children The Habit Of Saving With Animated Tales

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DBS-owned POSB has released a series of animated tales that intend to help parents teach their kids basic concepts of financial literacy. The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) collaborated with illustrators 8eyedspud to create the tales, which are meant for consumption on smartphones. The bank began posting and promoting the POSB Pocket Stories: Tales of Money and Sense last year. The third episode has just launched, and the agency says POSB will put forward “a slew of strategic and creative plays to address financial literacy across different age groups throughout 2022”. The newest tale, that of ‘Caleb and the Candy Factory’ appears below. You can also check out Alice, who learns the value of sharing in Wonderland, and Jill, who learns the virtue of spending and saving for a Magic Bean. 

The tales are suitable for kids from 4 to 12 years of age, according to TSLA. The tales are housed on a parent-centric page on POSB’s site, and the agency says they are best experienced on Instagram. “We developed fun and interactive IG stories incorporating elements of financial literacy for parents to share and read with their children,” Jean Yeo, senior vice-president of marketing with POSB Consumer Banking Group, DBS Bank, said in a release. “Conversations about good money management should start early as this will have compounding impacts on children as they grow older.”

Some of the stories include a friendly and knowledgable squirrel called Smiley, whom the bank has also featured in a series of downloadable activities for kids. It’s nice to see—and smart, as the way squirrels save their nuts for hard times ahead is a natural match with financial-literacy lessons. 

Source: Campaign Asia

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