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DirectorGaurav Dashputra
ProducerHitesh Pardeshi
CastAyush Mehra, Kritika Avasthi
Review byMangesh B
Released onJanuary 12, 2019

Just take a pause for 6.58 mins and watch this short film “PAUSE”.

It’s beautiful. It has its own slow pace and that’s the requirement of this short. It’s romantic. It’s conversational.

This is story of a couple who are in love since a long time and this is their last conversation. The Director – Gaurav Dashputra (and the writer too) have kept the pace of the movie consistent quite nicely and it’s interesting throughout. I guess the movie has the exact right amount of dialouges, right amount of pace and the right duration. It’s not lengthy and that’s the best part. Editor, Vrinda Arora, has done a good job in editing as kept it has been kept in 6.58 mins.

After watching this movie, I have just “listened” to the movie 2-3 times more. And I love it more. The conversation is deeper then and you feel it. One can enjoy this movie only through dialouges and sounds too. Full marks to the sound here as they have done a fabulous job. Kudos to the sound designer – Harshvardhan Singh! So other than direction and writing, the sound designer should also be given due credit!

Ayush Mehra, as the male lead, and Kiritika Avasthi, as the female lead, in Pause have done a great job! There is actually a deserved “pause” in Ayush’s performance and that is the requirement of the short. It’s perfect. Kritika is too good in this. In fact, she is perrrrrrrfeccccttt!!! If you have watched the web series, “The Girl in the City – Season 1” then you would recall this girl in the boss’ role. *Claps*

And additionally I have to mention this… There is an amazing song playing at the start with a good clue! It’s “Racoon Racoon – Walls” by Wave of Good Noise. You should really YouTube it!