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DirectorKapil Verma
ProducerLarge Short Films
CastTaapsee Pannu, Vicky Arora and Aishwariya Sonar
Review byHimali Katti
Released on

The movie is about Roshni (Taapsee) and her relationship with her younger brother Ravi (Vicky Arora). Roshni is a martial arts teacher who believes that every girl should learn some form of self defence to protect herself, especially in this day and age. Ravi seems to be at a stage in his life where he doesn’t seem to care about not having a purpose in life and is okay with living off the hard earned family savings. While the opening scene of the film creates curiosity, the complicated timelines hampers the flow of the story. As the film progresses, it focuses on the relationship between the siblings Roshni and Ravi, who don’t share the same values. Roshni constantly tries to teach her brother values that would make him a better person. She is worried about the kind of company her brother keeps and how it is changing him and his values.
The story comes to a point where Roshni is forced to choose between what feels right to her and protecting her brother from the consequences of his actions. This is the crucial point where everything in their world changes.
Intense and raw, this short film does have some gory content that might not be digestible to anyone who prefers avoiding movies with violence. Perhaps, the message at the end of the movie is the saving grace for this film.

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