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DirectorNeeraj Ghaywan
ProducerChintan Ruparel and Anuj Gosalia
Castno cast - like a silent movie with intertitles and background music
Review byRavish Shanbhag
Released onJanuary 25, 2018

Caution spoiler review ahead! The film title itself seeks attention and indirectly invites the viewers. I would rather say; tempts the audience to check out the movie content.

The movie is apt for a portrait mobile screen. I say this cause the entire film is a screen-chat conversation between a Landlady and a Tenant on WhatsApp (who we would assume to be a young working guy) but the truth is quite subtly revealed towards the end.

The content moves at a fast/ brisk pace and gives you the feel of an old silent movies minus the visual characters with background music that are replaced by chat bubbles and text tones to keep things interesting. Instead of intertitles the dialogues are part of the WhatsApp Chat screen. Now since the visual characters are missing the real characters are only revealed at the end of the WhatsApp chat.

For some or rather most of the audiences the end is sure to be emotionally satisfying and at the same time leave you with an unsatisfied gratification considering the misleading title and assumed content.

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