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DirectorAkash Goila
ProducerAkash Goila
CastSanaya Irani, Anil Charanjeett
Review byPramod Hegde (Digital Movie Fan)
Released onApril 9, 2018

The opening shot of the movie shows a boy playing ‘Dumroo’. A lady arrives in a rickshaw and gets down, looks at the boy and the boy glares back making her uncomfortable. This lady is a pediatrician and is the lead character in this movie.

The main subject of this movie, a chai-wala, does all kinds of sleazy things, also mildly terrorises the pediatrician. It is later revealed that his son is unwell and his actions seem to be condoned through shots depicting him doting on his son.

The movie looks like a short version of a B-grade, melodramatic movie but with better looking actors.

The direction and the screenplay is ok but it could have been better. The weakest point is the storyline which cannot be covered by any amount of direction or photography.

The acting is the only winning point as all the characters have done justice to their roles.

The opening shot mentioned in the beginning of this review has no relevance with the movie other than that Dumroo is the name of the film and the main character of the movie. There are also other sequences shots post this opening shot which also has no relevance to the movie.

You can watch this movie only if you have 11 minutes to throw and there is no other worthwhile thing to do. A one-time forgetable experience.

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