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DirectorPranav Bhasin
CastArnav Bhasin
Review byMangesh Bhayde
Released on

Another movie that rightfully earns the ‘super cool’ tag, released by TTT. Very well shot and intriguing. The movie holds your attention right till the end and I bet, you will end up smiling by the end it! It is about a guy who wants to go to a party but can’t.

In the entire movie, he is on his phone while other characters are on the other side – never in the same room or frame. This narrative makes the movie quite an interesting watch. The movie is written by the Director, Pranav Bhasin himself. The dialogues are simple and well written. Most of the shots are with single cuts and done well, kudos to DOP – Ayush Agarwal.

As the movie starts and the actor starts talking, I thought the movie must have been shot in single shot entirely! But it’s not. I do wonder if they should have tried to make this movie in a single shot, how different would the experience be? The Actor, Arnav Bhasin did it very well and with ease. He has a specific tone and expression throughout the movie and he stayed in character throughout the entire movie. All in all, we liked the movie and would definitely recommend it!

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