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DirectorFernanda Frick
ProducerFernanda Frick & financed by The National Council of Culture and Arts
CastLindsay & Alex Small-Butera
Review byAniesha Brahma
Released onOctober 22, 2017

This animated short film is over a year old in YouTube with 3.2 million views. The description says that it took the creator, Fernanda Frick, over two years to make this adorable animated movie.

The story at the core is about the cat and dog couple who are happily married to each other and are working towards their plan. Kat (Lindsay Small-Butera) is proactive in making plans and figuring out a way to get to their destination. Her husband, Doug, seems amused by her enthusiasm and follows suit. However, over a period of time Kat loses sight of their plan – which has terrible repercussions on the couple.

What I personally liked about the animated short film is the sweet message that they send out to the audience. No matter how busy you get in life it is important to never lose sight of your final goal.

The other thing that I particularly liked about the animated short film is the fact that the two titular characters is a pair of cat and dog. By nature, cats and dogs are not supposed to get along. Yet here, in this film we see them as not only able to function as a unit but being united together against the world to achieve their dreams.

This was Fernanda Frick’s project and it was backed by the National Council of Culture and Arts. It took her quite some time to make this film, but every hour dedicated to this project proved to be worth it.

The animation has been done brilliantly. Even though it is an eighteen and a half minute film, the effort that went into making it shows through. It’s an adorable film and definitely something one should watch – especially to beat the Monday Blues!