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Men Of Platinum has rolled out a campaign featuring cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav. 

The campaign showcases Yadav’s journey as a cricketer and draws parallels between life’s challenges and cricket’s dynamics. 

Through a series of six films, Yadav’s cricketing exploits reflect his unwavering commitment to core values—self-belief, courage, resilience, compassion, endurance, and authenticity. Each film climaxes with Yadav’s style, encapsulating his essence as a true Man of Platinum. 

The campaign went live on 25 August and will be live on Disney+ Hotstar for three months.

Sujala Martis, director – consumer marketing, Platinum Guild International India, discussed this campaign with Campaign India.

Can you share some insights about this campaign?  

Men of Platinum as a brand is based on a newer age discourse of success, where choosing to stand by one’s values is integral. It aims to capitalise on a winning combination of reverence for the game of cricket, an upcoming cricket icon and content that keeps the brand and platinum as a metal of precious jewellery at the centre of it. Men today while bound by responsibilities and the success mandate, seek stature and not status alone. They seek meaning and not materialistic wealth alone. They strive for personal greatness, and depictions and interpretations of success have changed. Getting defined more by men whose values stand the test of time and circumstance. 

Cricket is an emotion in our country and cricketing icons spell success like no other. But the ones who stand out are those who chose in favour of their values through their journey. We chose Suryakumar Yadav as the face of this campaign because his value system reflects the unique traits that platinum stands for. The series called ‘A minute with Men of Platinum X Suryakumar Yadav’ brings the campaign idea to life by giving the viewers a glimpse of this iconic cricketer beyond the field, through a series of carefully crafted mini-episodes. Each focuses on a different aspect of his persona and a different chapter of his journey. The six-part mini-series chronicles his life, following the strands of his journey and connecting them to the fundamental principles that come together to create Men of Platinum. 

The series highlights how Suryakumar has preserved his authenticity throughout his career while also staying faithful to his game. 

How does Suryakumar Yadav mirror the rare qualities that men of platinum stand for?

Despite all odds, SKY persevered to finally earn a coveted spot on the Indian squad and in the hearts of millions of people – the perfect example of authenticity and endurance that is truly rare like Platinum. At every point, the series as well as the TVC and other elements of the campaign draw a parallel between qualities that make platinum extraordinary and men with traits such as these that are much sought-after.

Source: Campaign India

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