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Google’s latest ad campaign turns the spotlight on searching in Hindi. The ads feature different search queries that users have, and show how Indians can directly speak to the Google Voice Assistant in Hindi and get instant responses to their search queries. This is as per a report by Afaqs.

The longest ad (one minute and 40 seconds) in the series features actor Gajraj Rao. The ad unfolds as a series of questions between Rao and his young daughter. She aspires to go to the Moon and asks Google questions about the distance, the history of astronauts who have visited the moon, and so on.

Rao plays a father in the other ad too. The 40-second spot shows Rao’s daughter asking Google questions about housing in Mumbai, transportation, dabbawallah services, and so on.

Rao has starred in ads for Google search in the past too. In December 2020, Google launched a 60-second ad by Lowe Lintas in which Rao sees his driver use Google’s voice search feature to ask about the “IAS exam”. Rao, who’s dozing off in the car at that time, assumes the question is for him… Once he realises the driver was asking Google, we see Rao make others (his daughter, wife, and even a cleaner outside his home) use it to get his questions answered.

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