ICICI Lombard In Its Campaign For Its Insurance App Goes Interstellar; Shows A Man In Space

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ICICI Lombard, one of India’s leading general insurance companies, has embarked on a wacky and wonderful new adventure. The quirky campaign showcases the innovative IL TakeCare App that has till date ~ 5.6 million user downloads. The latest ad campaign takes us on a journey that is quite literally out of this world…all the way to Mars! The flagship ILTakeCare App goes beyond insurance offerings for purchase, renewal or claims but is a holistic wellbeing app with innovative features like FaceScan to track health vitals, doctor consultations on video, diet consultations with nutritionists, access to mental health practitioners, Water Reminder, Step up Challenge and many more! And thus the central idea of the IL TakeCare App being ‘out of this world’

The digital led campaign has a master film and 4 shorties and the tonality quirky and funny with two central characters of a base scientist and an astronaut in Mars. The films depicts an astronaut leveraging the app while exploring Mars on a mission, all the while relying on the IL TakeCare App to stay healthy with the click of a button. Through this extra-terrestrial storyscape, ICICI Lombard hopes to demonstrate how the app can provide customers with innovative and relevant features for a healthy life. All of which are delivered seamlessly through a hassle-free app experience.

Sheena Kapoor, Head – Marketing, Corporate Communication and CSR, ICICI Lombard said, “As a leading general insurer, we are deeply invested in the health and wellbeing of Indians and that has been our guiding philosophy behind our flagship app IL TakeCare, which is today trusted by over 5.6 million users, and open to all irrespective of whether they are our existing customers or not. In fact am pleased to share that a major part of our user base are customers at large and not just our existing policyholders.  We have expanded our continuum of care and created a holistic platform that stands for wellbeing and protection and not merely transactional in nature for buying, renewing and claim settlements. We are constantly innovating and adding promising features to the app that enrich the lives of our customers – with industry first feature like FaceScan that enables tracking your health vitals, 24×7 doctor consultations, dieticians or consultations with mental health experts, pharmacy services, ambulance services and fitness related features to name a few. Our campaign therefore does justice to describing an app that literally has so many wow factors built in and the only one in the industry that is so comprehensive and unique. We are excited to partner again with Ogilvy for these films and are hopeful that the quirky ads will appeal to all in showcasing how the IL TakeCare app is not just an insurance app but a health and wellbeing one too.”

Talha Bin Mohsin & Mahesh Parab, Executive Creative Directors, Ogilvy India said,

“We felt a product offering as innovative and as useful as the IL Take Care App could really help people make a healthy lifestyle possible. The more people would find about it, the more people it would benefit. But to achieve this, we realized our campaign had to be equally captivating. So, we went back to the first feeling we had when we heard about these incredible features. They were simply out of the world. And that’s where we chose to base our entire campaign, out of this world, on Mars, and provided a working demonstration of how the IL Take Care App’s features can help everyone stay fit.” 

Source: navarashtra com

The goal of ICICI Lombard’s most recent marketing initiative is to draw attention to the extensive and all-encompassing capabilities of the IL TakeCare App to encourage both new and current users to use it and enjoy easy access to insurance and healthcare. The IL TakeCare app is a testament to the insurer’s dedication to giving its customers the best care possible over a long period with its superior and innovative services. The insurer has always been customer centric, prioritising their needs from product offerings to its mobile apps. In addition, they have succeeded in doing so by using technology as the foundation of their business operations for many years. This new campaign is a continuation of their efforts to give their consumers excellent care and to strengthen the company’s reputation as a technologically advanced business. 

With the endeavour of constantly enhancing the wellness solution, we have added multiple industry first features like FaceScan, Metal Wellbeing, IL Hello Doctor, Chat with Expert, Water Reminder, Step up Challenge and other health and wellness features. The app empowers customers to take control of their health journey through a host of innovative features. With a personalized health dashboard, users can easily track and manage their fitness activities, monitor health parameters, and set wellness goals. The app also offers seamless teleconsultation services, enabling users to connect with qualified doctors for medical advice and prescriptions from the comfort of their homes. IL TakeCare further promotes preventive healthcare by allowing users to schedule health check-ups and diagnostic tests conveniently. FaceScan allows users to check vitals. Fitness enthusiasts can access tailored exercise routines, while health-conscious individuals benefit from a wealth of health-related tips and articles from experts. Emergency assistance services and quick access to policy details provide users with added peace of mind. The customer can buy and renew heath and motor insurance and settle claims. ICICI Lombard’s IL TakeCare app is a powerful tool that goes beyond traditional insurance offerings, fostering a proactive and holistic approach to health management, and nurturing a healthier and happier customer base.

Source: PassionateMarketing

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