How Global Campaigns Embedded Popular Songs To Create A Stronger Narrative

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The independent music industry has given viewers some timeless classics, new beats, and experimental sounds, here we dive into how few of the popular music tracks have been used by the advertising industry in global campaigns.

Using music to support a narrative or even tell the narrative has been one of the frequently used strategies. For instance, the soothing melody of ‘Fly Me Away’ accompanying the stop-motion style video advert of Amazon Kindle depicts the worlds a novel can unlock.

Setting the mood of the campaign is another trick of the trade, like the Apple commercial using the upbeat track ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ to give an energetic touch to the campaign that would result in mood upliftment of the viewers.

While music racks have several more advantages when incorporated in campaigns such as audience targeting for groups inclined towards specific genres, mediating the narrative and supporting the campaign’s structure, and many more, but a significant benefit is amplifying the campaign’s reach. Nike using a track from one of the most popular bands in the world, The Beatles is one such example of tapping the music’s fan base and audience.

Here’s the showcase filled with more of such campaigns that used music efficiently.

United Airlines X Rhapsody in Blue

Amazon Kindle X Fly Me Away

Volkswagen X The Clapping Song

Sony X Heartbeats

Apple X Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

John Lewis X Your Song

Vodafone X Bohemian Like You

Nike X Revolution

Calvin Klein X Runaway

Gap X Dress You Up In My Love

Source: Social Samosa

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