Hands-on With BloombergQuint’s WhatsApp News Service

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Multimedia news portal BloombergQuint recently launched a WhatsApp service to distribute news to readers in India.

Users of the new service will be able to access BloombergQuint’s daily coverage of global and domestic business news, market movements and views from corporate leaders after a simple subscription process.

According to BloombergQuint, it is the first media outlet in India to offer such a service for on the go news readers,.

The subscription process is a fairly simple 3 step process. To subscribe, users can click on this link to view the BloombergQuint WhatsApp news phone number (+49 157 92392044) and save it as a WhatsApp contact.

On messaging ‘Start BQ’ to the number on WhatsApp, the subscription is initiated. For smartphone users, WhatsApp contacts opens automatically on clicking the green icon.

We tried out the WhatsApp service and discoverd it to be a simple and  fast experince.

For starters, subscribers receive BloombergQuint’s “All You Need To Know” morning podcast, alerts and updates on the economy, corporate and markets news.

To add to that, subscribers can get on-request news updates in English according to their interest by messaging hashtag-based keywords such as #Business, #Latest, India, #Reliance and so on.

While already impressive in its performance, BloombergQuint’s WhatsApp innovation has a lot of potential for future enhancements with the addition of videos, images, news snippets, and even localization.







WhatsApp based news services can play an even bigger role in an India where the consumption of online content in regional languages has grown by leaps and bounds.

Interestingly, WhatsApp had announced earlier in September that it will be testing new features, including ‘verified profiles,’ to help small businesses generate revenue through the app.

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