EcoLink’s New Campaign Shows How To Save Electricity By Using Their Fans & LED Lights

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EcoLink has rolled out a campaign to encourage users to make the right choice with regard to saving by using its BLDC Fans and LED lights. Conceptualised by Hashtag Orange, the films feature actor Pankaj Tripathi in the avatar of ‘Bachat Kumar’, a celebrated savings expert.

The first film opens with a couple seeking Kumar’s advice on saving money. Dressed in a flashy red suit and a gold EcoLink chain, he emphasises that there is only one true link for savings, which is EcoLink. The film ends with Tripathi and the couple dancing and rejoicing in their choice.

 The other film sees Kumar riding a bike onto the stage at his event, surrounded by many of his fans. Amidst all the excitement, a voice from the crowd asks ‘Bachat ka koi link batao’ (tell us a way to save money) to which he repeats the same savings mantra.

Nikhil Gupta, head of marketing and integrated communications and commercial operations, Signify Innovations India, said, “The fans and LED lights market is a fairly crowded one and with this quirky campaign centred around the protagonist – Bachat Kumar, we wanted to break the clutter in the electrical goods category. Pankaj Tripathi brings alive the quirky and flamboyant character and delivers the message “Bachat ka Link – EcoLink ” with a dash of humour. There couldn’t have been a better choice for an actor who can connect with the audience so organically to deliver this campaign”.

Amit Shankar, co-founder, chief creative officer, Hashtag Orange, said, “To make EcoLink Fans and Lights popular amongst the masses, we came up with a simple proposition of ‘Bachat ka ek hi link – EcoLink.’ Indian middle-class families take savings very seriously. Every purchase they make must be top class and should also generate savings. To capitalise on this sentiment, we used one of the most popular Indian actors who has a mass following, Pankaj Tripathi, and we transformed him into a brand-new avatar called Bachat Kumar, the rockstar of bachat, who gives valuable advice to common folks in his own unique and quirky style. Sometimes inside his gold clad home turned office and at times from his very own bachat concert. We truly had a lot of fun filming this one. We hope consumers will enjoy the Bachat adventures of Bachat Kumar and will remember his golden words for wholesome and only way saving which is ‘Bachat ka link, EcoLink.”

Source: Campaign India

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