eBay India’s New Content Marketing Campaign: #NoWorldWithoutGirls

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eBay India’s new digital campaign #NoWorldWithoutGirls takes the content marketing route by sending out a powerful message targeting the prohibition of sex determination kits. The E-commerce brand has collaborated with Youtube band Sanam to make a music video which was launched on Thursday, July 20, 2017, via a Facebook Live video and across all digital platforms.

Watch the video here:

eBay India is known to make powerful statements just like their last year’s campaign #ThingsDontJudge that made noise for its strong tone of the narration. The brand, through their recent campaign, showed that even they endorse the philosophy that “things don’t judge”, the brand figured if there is one product that they stand against, is sex determination kits. The combination of these two campaigns address the social issue of prenatal gender determination and that “India’s daughters face the country’s harshest judgments, even before they are born”, as depicted in the music video. eBay also plans to take the campaign forward purely digitally for the next two months.

Shivani Suri, the director of marketing of eBay India told Brand Equity in an interview, “Online shopping in the country is breaking norms; and is slowly becoming mainstream. Likewise, people at large are standing against stereotypes and becoming more open minded. As a creative expression, we are trying to draw a parallel between the two. And, that’s really our brand ethos.”

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