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Dove wants to use NFTs to help women experience damage-free hair.

Dove has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) in Pakistan to allow women who have damaged hair to show their NFT at a salon to get a free nourishing hair treatment and allows them to try to win a year’s supply of Dove shampoo.  

Source: Campaign asia-Pacific

Of course, to have damage-free hair is not easy, so Dove is only choosing 10 women through a lucky draw to experience what it feels like to have damage-free hair and feel confident. 

Dove is making it easy for the winners by sending them the NFT through email for them to collect. What a simple way to do it! 

“We’re using NFTs to drive brand messaging and, in turn, reward our consumers with long-term utility” explains Amanpreet Singh, Unilever’s global media lead for metaverse and web3.

 “Beyond marketing, we see next-gen technologies like NFTs as a gateway to open new possibilities of consumer engagement and brand advocacy through limited edition packs, gamification, and loyalty programs built with blockchain-backed benefits.” 

Dove’s digital collectible is minted on Polygon, which partners with KlimaDAO, a decentralized collective of environmentalists, developers, and entrepreneurs to reach carbon neutrality.  

Source: KlimaDao

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Source: Campaign Asia, Polygon, KlimeDao

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