Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint: Jeff Bullas

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At the recently concluded Tech Manch Digital Conference 2017, a slew of international digital media and social media experts shared their insights about the best practices in digital marketing. The event also included knowledge workshops by thought leaders representing the digital domain.

One of the highlights of Tech Manch 2017 was the keynote address by Jeff Bullas, Digital Marketing Influencer, who spoke about the key pillars for digital marketing success. “The power of persistence is one of the key success elements of digital marketing. There is also new trend emerging. The internet of websites is fast becoming the internet of apps. When we talk of marketing, the fact is that people don’t care for products, they only care for what the product can do for them. Once the message is focused on that, the marketing campaign will automatically do well and never forget that 75% of marketing is just education,” said Bullas.

Calling the coming together of technology and humanity a key game changer, Bullas stated, “We are now witnessing democratisation of publishing and democratisation of marketing. You don’t need big dollars if you have the passion. The best part about social media is that we don’t have to wait for someone to write our story, we can write our own. This intersection of humanity and technology is humanising the social web.”

Bullas believes that long term planning in digital marketing is vital for any campaign to succeed. “I would say digital marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. Most importantly, marketers need to think like publishers if they want to get the best results.” He also added that with technology innovations, the sales process has not changed but just the medium. “I would say that content is the new sale person now and marketing now is an art and science and it needs to be practiced with the same belief,” stated Bullas.

There is no doubt that big data is redefining marketing in major way. As Bullas said, “Data is everything. “We are living in a period of enormous change and the challenge is to keep adapting to it. Data is everything especially when you want to be sharp with the audience. Data can be of big help if data collaboration is practiced as far as mobile marketing is concerned. In today’s age you are defined by your content in today’s virtual world, whether it is a blog post or a tweet and measured by data. Your influence is getting measured by big data.”

Urging marketers to create content that is “seductive” and “interesting”, he added, “Today as you are creating content, you are leaving a digital footprint. If you create the right content it will go viral. The key thing is to not get distracted by shiny new toys in social media. We have to focus on basics such as SEO and blog posts if we want our marketing efforts to succeed. Most importantly, content needs to be seductive and interesting, and if you can’t make it creative all the time, you can still curate it to get the results.”

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