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  • Title: #WhatMakesYouBeautiful Ft. Laxmi Agarwal - ख़ूबसूरती क्या है? - Redefining Beauty - Nykaa
  • Brand name: Nykaa
  • Released on: January 10, 2020

In a bid to redefine beauty and curb societal pressures on women, Nykaa has launched a new campaign titled #WhatMakesYouBeautiful. The campaign runs along the lines of causevertisement, making 'outward appearance' the peg of the effort. Featuring activist Laxmi Agarwal, the campaign includes a three minute film that addresses the conventional definition of the term 'beauty'. Laxmi, who has survived an acid attack, is seen narrating her definition of what it means to be beautiful to viewers. The ad film then gradually fades into a typography which reads 'Make-up doesn't define you'.

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