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  • Title: Confusion Nahi, Solution - Solar Hai Lagana To Luminous Ko Bulana | Solar TVC 2022
  • Brand name: Luminous Power Technologies
  • Agency: 82.5 Communications
  • Released on: June 4, 2022

Power backup and residential solar space brand, Luminous Power Technologies, has rolled out a campaign ‘Solar Hai Lagana toh Luminous ko Bulaana’ (if you want to install solar, call Luminous) to showcase its solar range of products. The film featuring Sachin Tendulkar and actor Rajat Kapoor, aims to dispel the hassles that commonly accompany the installation of solar systems.     The film features two men sitting in the living room. One of them is shown looking at a hard copy of his electricity bill. Disappointed by the bill, he tells his friend that he’s planning on switching to a solar system. His friend then name drops a bunch of problems that come with installing a solar system. Just then, Kapoor is seen entering the door, dressed as the sun god, bringing a beaming light along with him. Subsequently, Tendulkar asks the pessimistic friend to stop spreading confusion, while Kapoor tells them about the ease and advantages of installing Luminous' solar solutions.

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