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  • Title: Maruti Suzuki Driving School | Leave dad speechless with your driving skills
  • Brand name: Maruti Suzuki Driving School
  • Agency: Lintas Creative Executions
  • Released on: January 10, 2023

Maruti Suzuki Driving School (MSDS) has rolled out a campaign ‘Seekhoge Best, Toh Sab Impressed’ (learn from the best, everyone will be impressed) to highlight its core offerings for car learners. The film aims to showcase how car learners are competent and confident drivers through its curriculum and trainers. The film showcases a son picking his father in a Maruti Brezza. The film captures how the father is observing his son’s driving skills as he crosses traffic signals, stop signs and narrow lanes effortlessly, leaving him pleasantly surprised and impressed at the same time. During the journey, the son pulls over at a Maruti Suzuki Driving School to tell his father that it's where he learnt how to drive with such finesse. It then goes on to highlight the core offerings of MSDS that include a scientific learning curriculum, training on a driving stimulator, and expert trainers for enabling learners to become competent and confident drivers. The film ends on a humorous note, where the father appreciates his son’s driving skills by saying, 'agar aap jaise ko sikha diya, toh badhiya hi sikhate honge' (if someone like you can learn, they must be teaching well) implying that if his son can master driving so quickly, anyone can.

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