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  • Title: Sebamed - Healthy Hair - #pHmatters = Hindi
  • Brand name: Sebamed
  • Agency: The Womb
  • Released on: August 14, 2023

Sebamed has rolled out a campaign through which it aims to state the importance of the pH value in skin and hair care products. The campaign consists of a film which uses the humour route and promotes Sebamed’s anti-hairloss shampoo. In the film a father is speaking during the funeral of his son. He tells those gathered that his son lived life wholeheartedly but had just one regret - hairfall. That's when a friend interrupts him and asks whether his son knew about the importance of pH 5.5. The man states that he had told his son about it, but he didn't listen to his advice and the film ends with the voice over introducing the shampoo.

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