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  • Title: #NoHandUnwashed - Savlon Swasth India - MFPA - Global Handwashing Day
  • Brand name: Savlon India
  • Agency: Ogilvy India
  • Released on: October 14, 2020

ITC’s hygiene brand Savlon has launched a new commercial featuring Swapna Augustine, a foot artist from the Mouth and Foot Painters (MFPA) Association. It tells her inspirational story and blends it with a unique portrayal of handwashing and its importance. The film shows Augustine going about her life as one would, the only difference being that she uses her feet for everything. In the voiceover she explains how she is just like everyone else, listing different things she likes to do. At the end of the film, she uses is shown to thoroughly wash her feet before she bites into a piece of unniappam (a south Indian delicacy).

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