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  • Title: Vir Das breaks it all down on why Neeman’s is the perfect footwear.
  • Brand name: Neeman's
  • Released on: March 12, 2020

Neeman’s is a shoe company. And in India, where there are countless brands in the segment already, it can be tough to differentiate yourself from the others. People might even end up confusing you for someone else.But, this brand has ensured it’s able to stand apart. It aims to bring you shoes made of Australian Merino wool, a product most Indian shoe buyers may not be aware of or have even considered.Another interesting aspect of the ad was when a sock bandit (a guy masquerading as a sock) attacks him. Never seen before and does the trick. Why? Well, since Neeman’s shoes are made of Australian Merino wool which is warm and cool, you can wear it without socks as well. And let’s face it, India’s hot summer does often have many shoes to reek of bad odour.

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