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  • Title: Pepsi Diner - More Fizz, More Refreshing
  • Brand name: Pepsi India
  • Released on: November 11, 2022

Pepsi has launched a film to elevate its philosophy of ‘More Fizz, More Refreshing’. The film features the brand’s ambassador Salman Khan and encourages youngsters to try out Pepsi, which now comes with more fizz. The film opens with a young couple sitting at a diner, where a waitress serves them a bottle of chilled Pepsi. The guy gets up, walks to the waitress and asks if she could serve them a fuzzier beverage. Just then, Khan slides a glass of cola towards the guy and tells him to try it. The guy is amused by the fuzz in the drink and asks the waiter to give him the same. Khan then tells him that the Pepsi bottle he was given, was in fact the same drink. He then opens up the bottle of Pepsi, and enjoys it.

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