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  • Title: Make SPACE For New Beginnings - Explore Bed & Bath Linen, Mattress, Rugs, Curtains by SPACES
  • Brand name: Spaces
  • Agency: ^ a t o m Network
  • Released on: August 18, 2023

Spaces has rolled out a campaign to showcase how its range of products are instrumental in curating new memories.  The film revolves around a family with a son who decides to adopt a young girl from an orphanage. However, the girl initially remains reserved and distant towards the mother and the family during their first meeting. The story unfolds as they leave for their home, with the son taking the time to introduce the newly adopted daughter to each area of the house. Eventually, they arrive at her designated room, which surprises her with its emptiness, containing only a bed. The mother explains that the room's decoration and arrangement are purposely left for the adopted daughter to decide, as it will ultimately become her personal space. The film ends with the adopted daughter experiencing a sense of care and belonging, gradually opening up to her new family.

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