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  • Title: The Perfect Match - Licious Meat Masalas
  • Brand name: Licious
  • Released on: December 10, 2022

Licious has rolled out a film to announce its foray into the spice segment with the launch of its new range of Meat Masalas. The film features the popular Sima Taparia of Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking fame. The film begins with Taparia seated across a table, with a mother and her daughter. As she talks about how the daughter has to compromise - she stresses on the fact that one can only have 60-70% of compatibility and never a perfect match. Just then, the man cooking behind interrupts her and tells her that some relationships are 100% compatible - just like Licious’ meat masalas, which are just made for great meat. Hearing this, Taparia goes blank and the product gets introduced.

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