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  • Title: Gentleman banne mein waqt toh lagta hai - Celebrating the makers of gentlemen
  • Brand name: The Man Company
  • Released on: November 11, 2022

The Man Company has rolled out a film titled ‘Gentleman banne me waqt lagta hai’ (it takes time to become a gentleman) featuring its brand ambassador Bhuvan Bam to highlight different men’s journeys on their path to becoming a gentleman. The film features five snippets showing special moments in the lives of various men that shape and mould them into becoming a gentleman. All of these moments are shaped by other gentlemen in their lives. It opens with a young boy trying to put makeup on and getting supported rather than reprimanded by his father. Other vignettes also show how men are breaking open the rigid constructs of masculinity with the help and support of gentlemen around them. The film ends with Bam supporting another male Instagram influencer who is getting trolled by followers for not behaving as per the conventional norms of masculinity.

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