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  • Title: Life ko bolo #GameOn
  • Brand name: MakeMyTrip
  • Agency: MagicCircle Communcations
  • Released on: October 9, 2020

MakeMyTrip has rolled out a film featuring actor Aparshkati Khurana. It is part of the ongoing 'Life Ka Karo Game On' campaign. Khurana gets off a work call and talks about the year 2020. He states how the year has changed everything and how the urge to travel has taken a back seat. He adds that all the switches to happiness seem to have been turned off. He then states that the feel good factor won't return automatically, and one needs to work towards it. The film then reveals that Khurana is giving this example from a staycation. It ends with Khurana stating that it's time to say 'game on' and return to a normal life.

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