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  • Title: Guaranteed income for life with LTIP I Future Generali India Life Insurance
  • Brand name: Future Generali India Life Insurance

Future Generali India Life Insurance has rolled out a campaign to highlight its long-term income plan offerings. The film opens up with two friends talking about investments. One of the protagonists is a father who believes in a secured financial future, while the other is a bachelor who looks for quick, short-term investment returns. Due to the volatile nature of the equity markets, the bachelor seems unhappy about his investments. His friend advises him to not take undue risks and insure in secured plans with regular, planned returns like Future Generali India Life Insurance’s Long Term Income Plan. The father then goes on to tell his friend that he needs to think about the whole family while investing and how the financial brand helps him stay stress-free. The film ends with the father highlighting the peace and stability that come with a guaranteed income through FGII's long term income plan. 

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