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  • Title: Melorra Jewellery: The Art of 24x7 Fashion
  • Brand name: Melorra Jewellery
  • Released on: October 21, 2020

Jewellery brand, Melorra has introduced the millennial women to the ‘The Art of 24x7 fashion’. The brand’s TVC features actor Shraddha Kapoor and the brand recently flagged off its festive season campaign with the launch of the latest film.The TV film opens with the actress in front of a wardrobe mirror locking a gold necklace. She recalls the various engagements she has during the day while slipping a gold ring onto her index finger. A pair of dangling earrings, a solitaire and a gold waist chain complete her look at different points during the day, keeping her fashionable throughout. Melorra aims at tying up with influencers and introducing new contests, as part of its campaign.

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