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Social Media users will lose their anonymity in India

Trying to hold social media companies more accountable for the content that is found on their platform, India’s new guidelines states that users will have to reveal their identities when asked by the government. The provisions in the earlier draft had required platforms such as Google’s YouTube or ByteDance Inc. ‘s TikTok, Facebook or its Instagram and WhatsApp apps, to help the government trace the origins of a post within 72 hours of a request. 

More audience on Instagram for big brand pages

A study has revealed that Instagram has a larger audience than Facebook for world’s leading brand pages. The photo sharing app has 3.57 billion impressions in the last three months of 2019, compared with 3.47 billion for the Facebook platform. While the report covers a snapshot of the two Facebook-owned platforms’ audiences, any indication that Instagram is more popular than the “blue app” would be a watershed moment for the business.

WhatsApp now has 2 billion users globally 

Besides announcing their number of global users, the messaging giant also stated that strong encryption is a necessity in modern life. They have refused to compromise on the security offered to its users as well. Private conversations that once were only possible face-to-face can now take place across great distances through instant chats and video calling. There are so many significant and special moments that take place over WhatsApp. 

Facebook joins the online dating bandwagon

Inspired by the likes of Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, OKCupid, Facebook has introduced its `Secret Crush’. The social media giant promised that this feature was aimed at long-term, meaningful relationships. As online dating becomes the virtual norm, Facebook’s gradual arrival on the dating scene looks set to shake up the market.

YouTube considers offering third-party subscriptions

This move will make it a service aggregator and billing hub. With this subscription, users would be able to access various outside of the streaming services offered through YouTube. This is close to how Amazon Channels function. YouTube would be well-positioned to do this because it has access to an enormous global base of active user accounts across YouTube and Google-owned platforms.

RBI has a NUE plan for private sector retail payment channels

As a step towards opening the mandate of issuing and operating of new retail payment channels to private sector, a draft detailing eligibility and governance criteria of the proposed ‘new umbrella entities’ (NUE) has been issued by RBI for public scrutiny. The NUE will also be given a mandate to develop new payment methods, standards and technologies and operate clearing and settlement systems.

TikTok proposes a safer internet with ‘Mera Internet’ 

For Safer Internet Day, TikTok launched an in-app safety campaign #MeraInternet which invites users to share ideas on how one can become responsible netizens and bring forth a more positive environment. TikTok also launched an in-app quiz to equip users with online safety tips. The quiz highlights topics of not sharing account details, phishing awareness, as well as the best practices of utilising TikTok safety settings to take control of their online presence and wellness.

MX Player announces partnership with OnePlus

MX Player has teamed up with OnePlus for the OnePlus TV Q1 series. By virtue of this collaboration, viewers will be able to watch premium web series and Hindi dubbed films on the smart TV. One platform, the entertainment app offers viewers multi-genre and multilingual MX Originals and Exclusives along with an online library of premium content, with good offline video playing capabilities, audio music and now games.

Disney+ to open its India innings with IPL

Disney+ will be brought to India via Hotstar streaming. The new launch will coincide with the IPL, as Star India has exclusive broadcast and digital rights for the same. After the buyout, it is only logical for the Walt Disney Company to prefix its streaming service Hotstar, which is largest in India, with Disney+.


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