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Govt moves towards introducing taxes the global bigshots

As a first step towards a global digital tax, India has introduced an enabling provision which will make an overseas platform that advertises, streams, or sells goods to an Indian IP address taxable in the country. The government will be able to tax revenues of ecommerce firms such as Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay selling goods or services based on data collected from residents and those engaged in targeted advertisements such as Facebook and Google, besides streaming services like Netflix.

MX Player takes OTT platforms by storm

The OTT player stole the top spot as India’s Breakout Video Streaming App of 2019, ahead of Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Jio TV. MX Player has time and again rewritten the rules and won, whether it was to boldly convert from its original avatar of a mobile video viewing platform to a mainstream OTT player or to fulfil its mission of ‘everytainment’ of not only serving video to its users but music, games and more. 

Tinder used for more than just dating

Nearly 50 million users around the world are using it for other stuff like multi level marketing, political campaigning, promoting local gigs, and more! Platforms like this are more like an ecosystem, and when users adopt different purposes than the ones they are designed for, the platforms can change their guidelines or features in ways that greatly affect their users.

MX Player now offers gaming

MX Player has added a new entertainment to its kitty – gaming. The app has introduced 9 hyper casual and easy to learn HTML5 games which one can enjoy without data or internet connection on their android phones. The games currently available on the platform are Airlift, Arrow Master, Jump Jump, Flap Up, Candy Mash, Bubble Blast, Street Racer, Slide and Glide and Plus Minus.

DCCCC launched to help OTT customers file complaints

Online Curated Content Providers have banded together to launch the Digital Curated Content Complaint Council (DCCCC), which offers a redressal mechanism to the consumers where they can directly air their grievances. The intent of this initiative is to offer the consumer to make informed choices and allow platforms freedom to create content. The intention is to promote creativity, enhance commerce and build consumer confidence and trust.

Gaana becomes first music app to set a new record

In December 2019, Gaana, India’s music streaming app, has crossed 150 million monthly active users reinstating its position as the no. 1 in this category. Gaana has launched several industry-first features like in-app voice assistant, sing-along lyrics, Gaana video, instant app experience or smart downloads — where the app automatically downloads a premium user’s favorite tracks based on their listening history to deliver substantial value to the digital music experience of users across India.





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