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Voice, is it in your digital marketing agenda yet?

Using unique ways to connect voice assistants to connect with consumers, brands have to work on the latest marketing medium. Since it has been established that voice tech is the next big digital marketing trend.  As brands scurry around to find ways to connect to consumers using voice there is still ambiguity about how to best use the technology.

36 hours of Amazon Great Indian Festival report

The Amazon Great Indian Festival saw rise of customers from tier 2 and 3 towns. India has gone digital with more shoppers than ever, browsing and shopping online! Amazon.in saw the single largest day of Prime membership sign-ups, with 66% of Prime members shopping in 24 hours coming from tier 2 & 3 towns.

Threads: Instagram’s new messaging app

Threads,  is a dedicated private space for sharing photos, videos, messages, Stories, and more with your Instagram close friends list and to share how you’re feeling. You can also customize your experience around the people who matter most. Some might peg on the line of Snapchat’s picture chatting services.

Now available for IGTV: Instagram’s branded content

If Business or Creator Accounts meet the platform’s Eligibility Standards they can use the Branded Content tag in IGTV for long-format Branded Content. Previously, paid partnerships for paid content was only available for video content that’s up to one-minute long, i.e. for a standard Instagram post and not IGTV.

Sony follows in the footsteps of Apple, Google and Amazon for AI Assistant 

After the success of AI Assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, Sony has joined the bandwagon. The tech giant recently signed a patent for an in-game voice assistant for PlayStation. The patent also gives out some details about a companion mobile device that could keep a track of your stats in the game.

Google prioritises privacy, launches new tools

Google recently launched a couple of privacy-focused tools in its services like Maps and YouTube to protect its users’ data. You can now use Google apps in Incognito mode and have an option to automatically delete data. “Incognito Mode” has been one of the most popular privacy controls since it launched with Chrome in 2008 and came to YouTube earlier this year is now being rolled out in Google Maps.


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