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Facebook to hide likes and reactions

In order to reduce social pressure among users, Facebook has decided to remove likes from view. Users have been found to have withdrawal symptoms once they stop receiving as many likes/reactions they have been used to. Facebook hiding like counts is healthy and promotes social well-being on the platform.

3 Minutes & Skippable: Snapchat allows new ad format 

Snapchat has now introduced a new ad format where the ad format is 3 minutes long, and the ads are skippable. Brand marketers and advertisers on the platform can indulge in long-format storytelling and display adverts that cannot be compromised with a time-limit. The new ad format furnishes a supplementary targeting option, brands can look for the audience who would be interested in viewing long-format content.

Facebook introduces new social VR platform

Facebook has announced AR and VR inclusions in the way we interact and a new Social VR world called Facebook Horizon. A new social experience in VR where you can build your own worlds with easy-to-use tools where no coding skills are required. The beta is scheduled to begin early next year. Later this year, Facebook will also release a premium cable with maximum throughput to run Rift content and a longer cord so you can move easily in VR.

Shop the look with Pinterest 

Retailers can now feature multiple products in a single ad that has been introduced for mobile. Pinners can discover products in context and click to checkout from the retailer’s site! Brands can upload their full catalogue to Pinterest and turn their products into shoppable Product Pins with Catalogues.

Mobile Marketing Association and Facebook present Playbook 

MMA Forum India in Mumbai saw the launch of the creative playbook – a special white paper on short-form video strategy will help marketers and agencies push past the conventional creative practices. Learn how to adapt and execute winning short-form video ad strategies and Thumbstopping creatives that are built for mobile as a medium.

Advertising industry hopes for better times with Corporate Tax Cut

According to industry leaders, the reduction in corporate tax is expected to bring in more liquidity in the market. This in turn will lead to higher ad spends. Though industry experts were expecting traditional advertising formats to be impacted the most, digital advertising too was believed to feel the heat sooner or later.

Choose if you wish to be recorded by Google Assistant 

Google will now let users opt out of Voice & Audio Activity (VAA), which records and reviews conversations. Users can review their conversations any time they want and delete old conversations. Google is updating its settings to highlight that when users turn on VAA, human reviewers may listen to your audio snippets to help improve speech technology.

Swipeable Feed with Twitter 

Twitter has been testing a new update – wherein users can swipe through customised lists from the home feed! You have an option as to which lists will appear on the feed and you can pin them too. Transition to your regular feed is also uncomplicated. Lists have been used for organized scrolling by Twitter users for years now.

Equal Urban and Rural users of Internet: India Internet Report 

As on March 31, 2019, India has seen 451 Mn monthly active users. According to the report by Nielsen and Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), which took into stock country’s access to the internet and its usage. Additionally, 1/3rd of the urban population is accessing Internet while travelling. 

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