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2022 will see a rapid acceleration in data-driven marketing

New research published today by next-gen Customer Data Platform Zeotap reveals that over 99% of marketers will have achieved a ‘golden record’ or single customer view by the end of 2022. Other findings, such as increasing adoption of machine learning, indicated that next year will see a rapid acceleration in data-driven marketing practices ahead of third-party cookie deprecation. The report asked 500 senior marketing leaders how far above (or below) they achieved on their 2021 targets: they were then sorted into five distinct success archetypes according to their success. The respondents were then asked questions designed to analyse the degrees to which they were ‘data-driven’, and these responses were indexed against their success. The research shows that, for many marketers, the unification of multiple data sources into a single customer view or ‘golden record’ remains a challenge. However, of the 20% of marketers who currently lack such a record, research showed that 99% of them will have achieved it by the end of 2022. This acceleration comes in part as a result of Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies in 2023 – with the removal of this key pillar of addressability, marketers have been forced to quickly compensate with a strong first-party data strategy, of which a single customer view is the foundation.

Facebook to stop targeted ads based on ‘sensitive’ topics 

Facebook (now renamed Meta) says it will no longer let advertisers target people based on how interested they are in “sensitive” topics such as political affiliation, religion and sexual orientation, health, race and ethnicity. The changes take effect from the next year across Meta’s apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, and its audience network, which places ads on other smartphone apps. This move is being viewed as significant in India as its most populous and politically significant state Uttar Pradesh is going to the polls in the next few months. Fake news, manipulated advertisements and religious polarisation often decide the outcome in this state which houses 1/6th of India’s population. Some more states like Punjab, Gujarat, Goa, Uttarakhand and Himachal will also go to the polls next year. The issue of political advertising on Facebook and its targeted approach to influence the users in a subtle way provoked much debate among the public and polity for a long time in India and abroad.

Clubhouse introduces Replays, attendee count & more

Clubhouse releases a much-desired feature enabling creators to exhibit a recording of their room through Replays, along with more additions that complement the new update. Along with Replays, Clubhouse has also launched a slate of additions for creators and listeners that extend the live audio experience with audio-on-demand. Among the additions are ‘Replays – Creators and hosts on Clubhouse can now record their live conversations and turn them into an audio-on-demand piece available and playable at any time as listeners desire, Source file – Creators will now be able to download the source file of the audio, enabling them to edit and trim the piece to upload it as a podcast on an audio streaming app or on YouTube, or other social platforms, Attendee count – shows the total cumulative counts of listeners that tuned into the room, Pinned links – It is now easier to provide a context for conversations and redirect users to external platforms and websites by allowing moderators to add Pinned Links to Rooms.

Facebook rolls out new features for Groups & Admins

Facebook is introducing new features to help admins strengthen group culture and manage and sustain their communities. It also has a new experience that brings together elements of Pages and Groups into one place, allowing admins to use an official voice with their communities. As every group develops its own culture. To make their groups look and feel unique, admins will now be able to:

Customize the colors, post backgrounds and fonts that display in groups, along with the emojis members can use to react to content

Use feature sets to select preset collections of post formats, badges, admin tools and more that can be turned on for their group with one click

Suggest preferred formats for members to use when they post in their group. This will appear in a new posting button that stays with members as they browse the group

Create a greeting message and share group rules that new members will automatically receive when they join a group

Members will also soon be able to give community awards, like Insightful, Uplifting or Fun, to content that they find valuable

Meta launches business hub, playbook to empower SMBs

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, on Tuesday announced the launch of a business hub and ‘Grow Your Business’ playbook to empower small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India. The ‘Grow Your Business Hub’ is a one-stop destination for the micro, small and medium businesses to find relevant information, tools, and resources curated to cater to business goals based on their growth journey. In addition, Meta also launched ‘Grow Your Business Playbook’ at the event that is geared to inspire and equip early-stage businesses to start their journeys on our apps. The ‘Playbook’ is Facebook India’s first published book on everything small businesses need to know from starting a business page, creating content on the page, to the first steps they need to take to start advertising, the company said in a statement. The first edition is aimed at helping businesses set up offline to online journeys and accelerating online sales for small businesses during the Covid-19 era and beyond.

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