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Digital driving trends in retail sectors for 2021

Large retailers experienced a significant increase in e-commerce and total revenue, whereas the mid to small ones lost out. Digital first, contactless everything, retailers as platforms are just some of the new changes that will be seen in 2021. 

AI to SME Digitization: Indian Fintech Space Gearing Up For 2021

2020 has paved the way for a new 2021 wherein the Fintechs sector is likely to gain traction. We already witnessed them responding to the pandemic through innovative offerings and a revolutionary approach towards the sector. We are already working towards the challenges brought in a post-Covid world!

Delloite’s Technology Trends for 2021

According to Delloite, the tech trends for 2021 are engineered strategy, core revival, supply unchained, industrialized AI, machine data revolution, doubling down on cybersecurity, adapting a digital lifestyle, and making working from home a holistic experience. 

Gartner’s Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

As organisations step into the future, tech trends in 2021 will include being more privacy enhanced, cloud controlled without having to touch someone else’s device, and based on the studies of Internet of Behaviour. The future is digital, afterall. 

Bain’s Ten Technology Trends Moving into 2021

Among new trends to be adopted in the new year, new-edge Artificial Intelligence, renting over selling as the green way of doing business, and focusing on zero food waste are in the list.




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