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Facebook gets Up and Down Votes for Comments to Optimize Engagement

Facebook appears to be, once again, returning to its test of up and downvotes on user comments. The interconnected arrow icon is a new format for the option, while Facebook also allocates a point system for your response, though it doesn’t register which members of the group have voted.Facebook has tried to integrate up and downvotes on comments several times over the past few years, in varying forms and applications.

Twitter launches ArtHouse to help create engaging Twitter-first content

In order to support brands in connecting with their target audiences, Twitter India has introduced ArtHouse, a creative suite of services to assist brands in creating and optimising Twitter-first content. ArtHouse is a fully integrated service that connects brands with the creative capital of influencers, artists and editors. It is a team of experts who understand the platform and its possibilities, know Twitter’s audience and what works best for them – whether it’s a video ad or a larger campaign. ArtHouse is all about the power of creatives in marketing communications, connecting brands to influencers, artists and producers to create content that moves people. “The impact of creative assets in delivering successful campaigns has been proven time and again, and ArtHouse’s purpose is to enable brands to drive this impact with content that leaves an enduring impression,” Twitter said in a statement.

SnapChat launches AR-enabled Friendship Time capsule

Snapchat has recently rolled out an AR-enabled Friendship Time Capsule feature that allows users to see how their friendship will look like in the future, in response to findings from its Friendship Report 2020. This comes after the company Snap Inc. released its second global Friendship study, interviewing 30,000 people across sixteen countries and interviewing global experts, to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and global issues have impacted friendship. The Friendship Time Capsule feature has been launched in response to findings from the report.The fun new feature allows friends that can’t be together in person, to create new shared memories through AR on Snapchat. The Snappable uses machine learning to allow friends to get a glimpse of their friendship in a variety of scenarios in the future.

Snapchat launches ‘Snap Connect’ Educational Insights for Marketers

Snapchat has announced an expansion of its Snap Focus marketer education platform, with a new element called ‘Snap Connect’, which features a range of expert insights as part of more advanced courses on how to use the platform for direct response campaigns. As you can see in this clip, Snap Connect looks to showcase internal experts on Snap’s various direct response tools, providing  more in-depth perspective on how to make best use of the various options at your disposal. Snapchat has said in a statement, “For the first time, our very own subject-matter experts bring you inside the world of Snapchat to show you how to take your direct-response advertising to the next level. Each specialized Snap Connect certification offers fresh insights, product solutions, creative best practices, and client success stories – all tailored to your industry and region.” Snap Connect currently offers three streams of certification – ‘mobile gaming’, ‘apps’, and ‘e-commerce’ – with more to follow in future.

Indian rural broadband penetration at 29.1% vs national average of 51.1%

Broadband penetration in India’s rural areas continues to be poor at 29.1% against national average of 51% with 687 million subscribers as of March 2020, according to a report by Deloitte. Although broadband penetration in India has grown at an annual rate of 35% over the past three years, rural India’s broadband subscribers per 100 population increased from 12% in March 2018 to 29.1% in March 2020, the consultancy firm said in a new report titled ‘Broadband for inclusive development—social, economic, and business.’ Meanwhile, fixed broadband penetration in India is abysmally low at only 7.5% of our households.

Snapchat allows creators to show their subscriber counts

Photo-messaging app Snapchat is now allowing creators to publicly show how many subscribers they have, like on rival platforms Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. According to the company, creators wanted to show off their growing community with public subscriber counts, suggests that they want a public-facing metric to demonstrate how successful they are for brands.However, not everyone can take advantage of the subscriber count and one has to be an established creator with a public profile. Much like verified Snap Stars’ profiles, creator profiles allow users to have a permanent public profile on the app. This provides creators with a host of tools to gain insight into their audience and connect with brands.

WhatsApp launches UPI-based payment service in India

Facebook-owned whatsApp launched its UPI-based payment service in India after getting the nod from NPCI to start service in a graded manner.Payments is available now in ten Indian regional language versions of WhatsApp. Customers with a debit card with a bank that supports UPI can immediately start using the service through the latest version WhatsApp application.

Facebook to guide 9 million Indian SMBs to move from offline to online

In view of the support the micro and small businesses need in order to recover from the pandemic-induced crisis, Facebook on Wednesday rolled out a dedicated offline to online “SMB Guide” and other new resources to help make this journey frictionless for them. The offline to online SMB Guide for India is free and publicly available but the social networking giant is also proactively reaching out to nine million small businesses across the country to ensure it reaches the businesses who need it the most. The Guide has been designed to provide a step-by-step direction on how the smallest of businesses can build a digital presence quickly, and reach potential customers online. It covers Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and key themes such as building an online presence, mobile storytelling, social media advertising, and creative and performance strategies.

Microsoft & Eros Now to deliver internet to remote parts in India

Microsoft announced that it has successfully delivered the internet, in partnership with Eros Now as a pilot project, to the customers in the low-internet geographies in India. The month-long pilot project leveraged Microsoft Azure, content from Eros Now and commerce capabilities from Novopay, a digital transaction partner, to drive the reach in remote geographies, ensuring last-mile content delivery for browsing and downloading.

Google partners Knowlarity to offer speech analytics in India

Google expects its Artificial Intelligence-based speech analytics platform to take off among enterprises in the hospitality, banking and financial services sectors in the country, as it partners with cloud telephony firm Knowlarity Communications to offer speech-to-text services to customers locally. The core is the intelligent speech analytics, including sentiment analytics that they are able to do and capture trends of every agent level conversations. The impact Knowlarity will create in the market is to reach thousands of their customers. Knowlarity, which offers AI-based cloud telephony products to enterprise customers, has moved its services to Google Cloud.


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