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A sneak peek into the Top Ten Digital Trends 2019 presented by BC Web Wise founder Chaaya Baradhwaaj & Radhika Asher, key trends researcher

  1. Content will be king – Storytelling via advertising, language content, Go Live, audio
  2. Influencer Marketing – Online celebrities preferred over Bollywood stars, day of the local-micro-nano-hyperlocal influencers
  3. Technology will give edge – Searches will include voice, visual, voice-led chatbots, personalization
  4. Media efficiency multipliers – Better creatives, eCommerce adspends will soar
  5. Media sharp shooters – Hyper-local targeting, emails are back, digital – as the new TV, Whatsapp marketing
  6. eCommerce marketing picks up – Social Commerce will be tried, tested & sustained
  7. Rich content search – Youtube will be the new Google
  8. Digital natives defining the new-age marketing
  9. Digital natives – The impatient audience – I.W.W.I.W.W.I.W- I want when I want the way I want
  10. Data-analytics unavoidable


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