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Going digital: Agri Input Companies To Engage Farmers

Agri input companies have been reaching out to farmers, and other people through SMS marketing, outbound and inbound calls, ads in local newspapers etc, but with the lockdown there is no manpower. Now it has become critical to create localized village level sales partners (VLSPs). Unemployed youth in villages or enterprising ladies or local NGOs or Asha workers could be trained to do farmer marketing at a local level. Digital technology will come into play in training them, especially on collection of authentic data from farmers, based on which solutions could be provided to farmers on a customized basis. 

Will Instagram Overtake Twitter As  A News Resource 

According to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020, access to news is becoming more distributed. Just over a quarter of newsreaders read news on a website or an app. Gen Z (age 18-24) are more likely to read news on social media. The report also says that the use of Instagram has doubled since 2018. Over the next year, it could also take over Twitter as a news source. Instagram in the last few years has popularised visual formats like ‘stories’ and short videos via IGTV. Instagram now reaches more than a third (36%) weekly and two-thirds of under-25 (64%). As people spend more time with the network, the role of news has also increased significantly. Instagram reaches 11% across age groups, almost as many as use Twitter for news.

Twitter introduces voice tweets, available only to select iOS users

Twitter feels that 280-character tweets aren’t enough, and some conversational nuances are lost in translation. Thus, it is testing a new feature called ‘voice tweet’.Currently in test mode, the social media giant is bringing in a new feature that enables users to tweet with their voice, adding a storytelling element to the Twitterverse. Finally, a way to help users amplify the sarcastic tone that may otherwise be hard to catch in a tweet. Unfortunately, typed out text messages are still open to interpretation and will continue to spawn many a misunderstanding.Twitter’s new voice note is presently available for a selected number of iOS users, like this lucky user below.

LinkedIn Adds Stories Feature

What was started by Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook is now being emulated by LinkedIn.LinkedIn stories work in exactly the same way as the Instagram version. They stay live for 24 hours, can utilise photos or video, it has stickers and can be shared on other accounts that you @.Functionality is also basically identical. You can download your stories, delete your stories and see who has viewed them.

‘Bharat To Drive Ecomm Past The $100 Billion Mark’ 

A study by Bain & Company, done in collaboration with Flipkart, estimates that India’s online shoppers will grow to 300-350 million by 2025 from around 100 million currently. It also pegs the industry size at $100 billion in terms of gross merchandise value (GMV) during the same period. Most of the 200 million new shoppers will come from tier 2 and small towns, who will turbocharge the online retail industry, which already sees three out of five online orders being shipped to cities and towns outside metro and tier 1 locations. 

Hike rolls out a mobile-first virtual hangout

Hike, an Indian internet company has introduced a new social product called HikeLand, a mobile-first virtual world accessible through its messaging platform. HikeLand, which is targeting consumers in the age group of 17 to 22 years, allows users to hang out with their friends virtually and watch videos together while interacting over a voice-led experience. Hike, founded in 2012 by Kavin Bharti Mittal, was once seen as a potential competitor to WhatsApp. However, the Tiger Global and Softbank-funded startup failed to scale up its userbase, and since then has pivoted into sticker chat and gaming.





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