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New move by YouTube to keep children’s privacy safe online

In order to protect children’s privacy online YouTube has adopted new changes for the videos for kids. Features such as personalised advertising, super chat, comments, live chat and the notification bell will be disabled. The content creators will now have to be more careful while posting content which will gradually improve the content quality of the platform.

Facebook offers more transparency for political ads 

Unlike Google and Twitter, Facebook has decided against banning political ads. The social media giant has offered Ad Library to offer more transparency towards both the ads and the advertisers holding them accountable. Originally launched in March 2018, the tool has now been updated to include new features where users can see how many people the advertiser intended to target.

Twitterverse to control who responds to Tweets

In an effort to thwart toxic conversations on Twitter, a new roll out feature has been introduced which lets the user select who can reply to their tweets – choices ranging from everyone to no one. Twitter announced that the feature is still in its test phase and will be available to only a small set of users.

TikTok  steps to becoming safer

After being under fire for several of its content that promoted misleading information that caused more harm than good, TikTok has updated their community guidelines. They plan to make their platform a safer place for all. TikTok added immigration status, caste, serious disease in the list of protected groups.

Self-regulation of ecomm platforms proposed

The Competition Commission of India has advocated that e-commerce players have self-regulation by increase in transparency in search rankings, collection and use the data and user review and rating mechanism. The CCI had noted concerns that ecommerce platforms gave preferential treatment to some sellers including higher search rankings, as well as about arbitrary increases in commissions.

WhatsApp added into Facebook messaging 

To bring all its apps into one unified experience for billions of users, and a step towards monetising, the social networking giant has added ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ for new users to their instant messaging platform in the New Year. There are plans of letting users on WhatsApp, Messenger and photo-sharing app Instagram – message each other across platforms.

Fashion e-commerce platform launches AI-powered search tool 

Fynd has added a Chrome extension, Fynd Now, by which users can click on a button or crop an item from anything visual on the web and discover it on the platform. This feature uses AI to locate the items being searched for. It also gives users the relevant product information and the link to buy, thus easing the barriers to purchase.

4 LinkedIn Features To Power Your 2020 Job Search

If you are on a job hunt in 2020, LinkedIn’s four features: LinkedIn pages, salary insight tools, use of hashtags and finally skill assessment tools would help you find the perfect fit. By being able to verify your skills, you can better stand out from the job-hunting pack and become more discoverable to opportunities.




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