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Govt focuses on industry, value-added services in DigiLocker push

The govt. is now aiming to expand the scope of DigiLocker to include its use cases for the industry and add-on functionalities like a one-time KYC process for the ease of public services. It will also help companies to manage documents digitally with Aadhaar authentication for verification purposes.

Crypto exchange Bitget to host its first meetup in India on 18 Feb

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has announced its plans to organise its first-ever offline meetup in India to increase its efforts of building trust and crypto awareness. Since Bitget’s launch in India, the exchange has witnessed over 200% growth in digital assets’ trading volumes in the market.

Budget 2023: Tech CEOs welcome digitisation push

The Finance Minister has proposed the setting up of three Centres of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence to focus on agriculture, healthcare, and sustainable cities. The industry said that there was scope to expand this further, given the potential across other industries too.

Google’s MusicLM turns text into music, will it strike a chord with listeners?

Google’s latest AI system called MusicLM can generate music in any genre with a text description. Moreover, it can even transform a whistled or hummed melody into other instruments. The tech giant has recently released a research paper titled MusicLM: Generating Music From Text.

India@G20; DEWG seeks to shape digital public infrastructure

The first Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) meeting began in Lucknow on 13th February 2023. The DEWG plays a critical role in shaping global policy discourse in the digital space. Deliberation of the DEWG meeting is around three priority areas, Digital Public Infrastructure, Cybersecurity in the Digital Economy, and Digital Skilling.

Meta delays setting team budgets as it plans a fresh round of layoffs

Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc has delayed finalizing the budgets of multiple teams as it prepares a fresh round of job cuts, the Financial Times reported on Saturday. In recent weeks there had been a lack of clarity surrounding budgets and future headcount, the FT reported, citing two Meta employees familiar with the situation.

Yahoo Latest Firm to Join Sacking Spree, Company to Fire 20% of Employees

According to Yahoo, the decision will allow the company to concentrate its efforts and financial resources on its demand-side platform, which is its primary ad business. By the end of the year, this round of layoffs will affect nearly half of the ad tech workforce, including nearly 1,000 workers this week, the business said.

Disney Star to launch metaverse platform ‘Starverse‘ during IPL 2023

Walt Disney’s Indian unit, Disney Star, is all set to unveil its metaverse platform, Starverse. Its launch will reportedly take place around the time of IPL 2023. This metaverse platform will be an “always-on” experience for users, as new and innovative features will be added throughout the year.

The 7 Best Cryptos To Buy In February 2023

Bullish trend continues to gain momentum in February, and investors predict that THESE hot presales will bring the largest returns. Investors are sure that the bullish trend won’t stop in the shortest month of the year, and they say that hot presales like Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, Robot Era, and C+Charge will be the ones to bring the largest profits to the early investors.


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