Cleartrip Helps Consumers Tick Off Their Travel Bucket List In Their New Campaign

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Cleartrip has rolled out a campaign featuring actors Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif to spread awareness of its flight and hotel offerings on Flipkart’s Big Billion Days.

Conceptualised by Talented, the campaign comprising three films, nudges consumers to prioritise travel this festive season, by making the most of its offers.

The first film ‘international flights’ showcases a bouncer not granting admittance to the protagonist in a club. The protagonist is angry with the bouncer’s decision of not granting him entry into the club and tells him if that’s the case ‘tuu…baahar mil’ (meet me outside). The bouncer replies to the protagonist saying ‘kitna baahar?’ (how outside). The film then showcases witty snippets where the bouncer is repeating the dialogue. The film aims to showcase how consumers can cash in on Cleartrip’s offers through Flipkart’s Big Billion Days.

The second film ‘hotels’ features two couples in a car getting caught by the police. The police tells them to come outside. To which the couple replies, ‘kitna baahar?’. The film then showcases scenes of a swimming pool, a campfire, and a massage centre. The couple in each of these outlandish settings keep repeating the dialogue itna baahar? to taunt the policeman. The film again ends with Kaif and Kaushal stating Cleartrip’s offers.

Kunal Dubey, chief marketing officer, Cleartrip, said, “The brief given to Talented was to bring an industry-first disruptive travel festival to India. Travel, especially in India, is a relatively high involvement category. We undertake a significant amount of research, planning and coordination to make a trip happen. However, the DNA of Big Billion Days has always been to disrupt and challenge norms. We believe the kind of offers we are offering this sale season is so disruptive that people will be tempted to book first and rationalise later. We wanted the same to reflect in our campaign as well. To come up with a unique, disruptive and scalable idea which mirrors the grandeur and stature of India’s biggest travel sale was in essence the brief.”

Dubey added, “We have a mix of offline and digital channels in the marketing mix for the campaign. While we will be using TV, print and tactical OOH, being a digital-first brand, a significant share of our media is skewed towards digital channels. We are looking to leverage a width of digital channels other than Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram which are a regular part of our mix. We also have a set of activations planned to break clutter during the peak festive sale season and to drive talkability. Big Billion Days have always been about disrupting and challenging existing cultural norms. One such cultural nuance is the usage of the term ‘baahar’ in India. While the term just means ‘outdoors’, we use it very frivolously. We want to challenge consumers to think big when they think ‘baahar’ – to actually go outside their city (or their country) to tick that trip off their bucket list. Under never-before offers on domestic and international flights and hotels, we want to prompt people to take that trip they have been thinking of. That ties well with our overall objective to make taking a trip as easy as thinking about it.”

PG Aditiya, co-founder, Talented, Prashant Gopalakrishnan, founding partner, Talented, and Pooja Manek, creative, Talented, said, “The idea to expand the meaning of ‘baahar’ (outside) came as an off-hand script suggestion during an intro call with the ClearTrip team around mid-July. All of us at Talented and ClearTrip instantly connected with the idea of turning an everyday phrase into a trigger for travel. After a creatively power-packed shoot headed by Deepak Thomas from Lucifer Circus, we’re set to roll out the first phase of ClearTrip’s two-week-long big billion Days celebration. The secret sauce? An honest, high-trust relationship between all teams involved. We’re ridiculously bullish about the work this partnership is likely to produce in future – including an upcoming ambush marketing piece that’s bound to both ruffle feathers and turn heads. Wish us all luck.”

The campaign went live on 13 September and will be active till the end of the month.

Source: Campaign India

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