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So there’s a folder in every creative professional’s work drive – ‘Rejected but Good’ / ‘Parked’ / ‘Repitch’ / ‘Recycle’. While a major portion of what one creates are back to back workable ideas for brands, occasionally there comes an opportunity when you get a go ahead for a crazy idea that you believe in. The credit goes to the Bold Brand Manager, for doing their bit to make advertising great again.

Bharti AXA’s #KauveKaMaltyag is one such creative route that most BFSI brands may want to avoid exploring. But Bharti AXA was ready to explore the unexplored, and the campaign scores on many fronts.  Evaluating the video series, purely on the fact that it’s created for digital, the finished product looks great – the ‘sansani’ style fused with Indian infomercial technique, the actor’s performance, the packaging of the pseudo product, and the totally random arcade music playing in the background.

In an industry cluttered with stories that use fear as the trigger in stories, the content does manage to grab one’s attention. Making the campaign look like it was thought and shot for digital.

Execution on social platforms however, could have been better, following a styling that matches the video series. The twitter poll being the only engagement creative that looked interesting.

Now that most of the campaign elements have been published, how does it serve recall for Bharti AXA’s insurance products? This is where I feel that ideas that have great recall are deeply rooted in the core brand proposition.

The greatest recall for Bharti AXA has to be the visual idea of turning the consumer’s POV of insurance companies upside down, literally. Since this specific campaign does not take that proposition forward, it may fall shot on recall, but it does manage to connect with the TG during the critical OND-JFM months for insurance brands. Additionally, reassuring the creative professionals that once in a while, such ideas do see light of the day. Here’s to the Bold Brand Managers!

Watch all the campaign videos here:

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